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Full Body - Home Workout

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

One of the the most challenging aspects of COVID was the closure of gyms and other fitness facilities. Many of us rely on these places for weight training, cardio, and fitness classes. But even without weights or any form of equipment, you can still get in an amazing workout. Below is a full body quarantine workout that you can do anywhere anytime with absolutely no equipment! While staying in quarantine, physical health is more important than ever, so let's utilize our free time to Neutralize and Optimize our Weaknesses.

A. Jump Squats: 30 reps

  • For this exercise you will perform a standard squat. Feet should be around shoulder width apart, squat down until your knees make a 90 degree angle, and then explode up.

  • For increased difficulty add more reps or use a backpack with books for added weight.

B. Push ups: 50 reps

  • Start with your arms straight, around shoulder width apart and body straight. Allow your body to drop down to the floor until either your chest touches or your elbows are 90 degrees, and then push up.

  • For increased difficulty add more reps or perform an explosive pushup where your hands leave the floor.

C. Dips: (use a chair or couch) 30 reps

  • Start with your hands behind you in a chair or couch. Your torso should be upright and straight with your legs either straight or bent in front of you. To perform the dip, you will allow your body to drop until your elbows make a 90 degree angle and then push up.

  • For increased difficulty add more reps or put your feet on a chair in front of you.

D. Burpees: 20 reps

  • To start the burpee you will be in a standing upright position. First you will jump, with your hands above your head and then go down into a pushup position. Once in the pushup position you will tuck your knees into your chest and explode upwards. That is 1 rep.

  • For increased difficulty add more reps or include a push up at the bottom of the exercise.

E. Jumping Jacks: 30 reps

  • Start again in an upright standing position. Simultaneously jump your legs out to the side, and raise your arms above your head. Your body should be in the shape of an X. And then return to the starting point.

  • For increased difficulty add more reps

F. Mountain Climbers: 3 rounds of 1 minute

  • Start the same as you would for a pushup. When the time starts, keep your arms straight and bring one knee up to your chest. Switch between legs for the entirety of the minute.

  • For increased difficulty add more reps or do 4 knees to chest and add in a push up.

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