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Athletic Recovery Routine: Daily and Weekly

One of the biggest mistakes that young athletes can make is not taking their recovery process seriously. Recovery revolves around many aspects such as nutrition, hydration, sleep, and physiological maintenance. In this article I will focus on mostly a physiological stretching/foam rolling routine that athletes of all ages can use on a daily basis. And also include a longer stretching/yoga routine that can be completed 1-2 times per week. For beginners, I would suggest completing the daily stretch for longer time intervals instead of the weekly stretching exercise. Recovery is one of the most incredible ways that we can Neutralize and Optimize our Weaknesses.

Here are some additional tips for an effective recovery process:

- Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night!

- Focus on proper nutrition and clean eating

- Properly hydrate for your activity level

- Incorporate Rest Days every so often so the body has time to rebuild and recover

Daily Stretch: each stretch should last :30-:60 seconds before moving to the next movement.

  1. Right knee down, left knee up hip flexor stretch

  2. Right knee down, left leg straight hamstring stretch

  3. Right knee down, left knee slightly bent hamstring stretch

  4. Right knee down, left leg straight to the side ADDuctor stretch

  5. Lying left quad stretch

  6. Repeat with left knee down, right knee up

  7. Finish with child's pose

Daily Foam Roll: focus on slow deep rolling, for each muscle group go for :45-:60 seconds or 10 rolls

  1. Right Glute --> Left Glute

  2. Right Hamstring --> Left Hamstring

  3. Right Calf --> Left Calf

  4. Right Hip Flexor/Groin --> Left Hip Flexor/Groin

  5. Right Quad --> Left Quad

  6. Right IT Band --> Left IT Band

  7. Right Adductor --> Left Adductor

  8. Low Back --> Upper Back

  9. Right Lat --> Left Lat

  10. Right Pec --> Left Pec

All of these stretches and foam rolling sessions should be performed on a daily basis. Depending on how sore you are, it may be wise to do one session in the AM and another in the PM. At the bare minimum, it should be completed immediately following a training session as part of the cool down process.

Weekly Stretch: each individual stretch will last for at least :60 sec, so if there is a L+R each side will be :60 sec, focus on deep breaths and controlling the stretch

  1. Sit on toe stretch (place toes under feet and rest glutes on heels)

  2. Sit on Shins

  3. Downward Dog Calf Stretch L+R

  4. Lying Quad Stretch L+R

  5. Downward Dog

  6. Frog Stretch (adductors); knees on the floor, slightly wider than shoulders, slowly push glutes back to deepen stretch

  7. Side Leg out Stretch L+R

  8. Sitting Straight Leg Hamstring

  9. Spread Leg & Reach Out

  10. Spread Leg Side Reach L+R

  11. Kneeling Elevated Rear Leg Lunge L+R

  12. Kneeling Lunge L+R

  13. Kneeling Lunge, Open Leg to the Side L+R

  14. Lying Figure 4 L+R

  15. Seal Pose

  16. Child's pose

  17. Seated Crisscross Reach Stretch L+R

These stretches are definitely a bit more advanced than the daily movements. At a later date a supplemented video will be posted for reference to all these movements. Until then, all should be searchable on youtube or google.

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