Here at the NowNero Network, we aim to provide quality and comprehensive health and wellness services in order to help all of our clients reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind. We invite you to open your heart and mind to the exciting prospects and possibilities that we have in store for you.

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Wellness Service


Training towards increasing  fitness levels, losing weight and entering competitions. Provide clients with  a safe, reasonable exercises that they can perform in the gym as well as at home.

Advise clients about important safety concerns and demonstrate exercises or maneuvers as needed.

Wellness Service

Healthy Living

The ancient art and science of yoga provides practical tools for embracing life’s challenges with grace, courage, and joy.


What I love most about yoga is that anyone and everyone can do it!  Whether you are brand new to yoga or a highly conditioned athlete or anywhere in between, the practice delivers amazing immediate results and profound long term benefits. Yoga is safe, simple, and comprehensive.

Wellness Service

Health Begins Here

Movement, postures, breath work practices, meditation, and sound healing with the gong strengthen the flow of healing energy through the body, improving physical health and fitness, relieving stress and allowing us to deeply relax and enjoy life.

I invite you to join me for an energizing class and to use this site as a resource for helpful information to inspire and complement your yoga practice.

Yoga at Home

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The NowNeroNetwork Journey

NowNeroNetwork was founded in 2010 in order to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health of our customers. We offer a variety of treatments, classes and services to improve and help you maintain your optimal health.

We love working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, NowNeroNetwork provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment. Learn more about us by getting in touch with a member of our team today.

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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